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Complementary feed for bees

  • derived from beet sucrose

  • it does not contain GMOs or STARCHES

  • produced in Italy

  • Box of 6 bags of 2 kg

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Balanced and highly palatable product, consisting of raw materials of European origin, non-GMO, without additives or preservatives. Processed at low temperatures and consisting of refined beet sugar, beet sugar syrup (subjected to an enzymatic inversion process) and water. Excellent as a support diet and as a stimulus for the colony to resume the beekeeping season, its use is essential in periods of nectar criticality and in cases of adverse weather and temperatures.

Exclusive 100% derivation from pure beet

  • sugar non-GMO (of European origin) Highly digestible sugars HMF practically absent

  • Total absence of chemical additives and preservatives

  • High palatability Maintains constant and homogeneous softness over time even at low temperatures - WATER / + SUGAR

  • Practical packs of 1 kg and 2 kg

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