Table counter for disopercular use

-In food grade plastic

-Dismountable stainless steel lectern

-Con drainer for operculum

-Con cut-off plastic food faucet

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Table uncapping table suitable for beginner beekeepers, but also for small professionals who have little space available.

The banquet has a 60x40x18 cm food-grade plastic tank, with a perforated stainless steel sheet basket for collecting and draining the opercules.

Honey can be collected from the bottom as the tank is equipped with a plastic food tap d/40 mm.

The stainless steel frame stand is included in the price and is completely removable from the bench.

The lid can be added to the stand, so that it can be closed with all the tools for extracting inside and preserving it from dust.

Find the stainless steel lid for sale on our website by clicking on the link below

10 Items

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