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Type: medicine for treatments against varroa (no veterinary prescription required)

Active ingredient: formic acid

Support: strips

Box of 10 bags (20 strips) - for 10 colonies

Box of 30 bags (20 stips) - for 30 colonies

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Formic Pro compared to other pharmaceutical specialties belonging to the same class appears to be a more effective treatment against mites


  • A longer shelf life: 24 months

  • Extended treatment periods: 14 or 20 days

  • Does not require refrigerated storage

Two types of treatment are possible:

  • Laying of 2 strips on the frames for 14 days

  • Laying 1 strip for 10 days, twice (for a total of 20 days)

  • Requires a daytime temperature between 10/30 degrees.

  • Leave in place to allow bees to dispose or remove according to the timeline described above

  • Note: Do not remove the paper wick around the gel.

What is formic acid: Formic acid is a natural component of honey which, if properly formulated, not only kills adult Varroa mites, but also kills 95% of the mites that incubate in the sealed brood. Because it occurs naturally in honey, formic acid treatments can be applied during the honey flow and leave no residue.

More details from the manufacturer: "Formic Pro is designed for use on standard or equivalent Langstroth hives (eg Dadant), single or double brood chamber hives. The colony should have a minimum of 10,000 individuals, with the cover of about six frames. The door will be released across its entire width and left completely open for the duration of the treatment. Any restrictions on entering the brood chamber (eg reducer or protection for mice) must be removed to avoid excessive damage to the colonies. The bottom must remain closed with the drawer.

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