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Professional sublimator for oxalic acid

-The oxalic acid sublimator is equipped with 2 process caps and 1 dispensing nozzle (select the desired nozzle length above the purchase button)

- Equipped with temperature control

- Works at 12 Volts - CE and RoHS certified.

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- The OXALIKA PRO EASY oxalic acid sublimator for professional use is equipped with 2 process caps.
-Equipped with temperature control,

-Runs at 12 Volts

-Certified CE and RoHS.

Why choose Oxalika Pro Easy

High power 360 Watt (this prevents the device from cooling down due to repeated treatments, forcing the operator to wait for the device to resume its function. optimal temperature)
Anti-codal aluminium boiler (ensures a more uniform distribution of temperature without the formation of "hot spots" and "cold spots". This results in a shorter sublimation time (10 seconds for 1 gram of oxalic acid, 25 seconds for 2 grams of oxalic acid).
Insulated boiler (makes the device insensitive to low ambient temperatures and the presence of wind and helps to save battery power)
Interchangeable tube diffuserfor treatment from the cable cover or from the flight opening even with hives with the porch, plastic and polystyrene hives (with appropriate adapter).
The diffuser tube is straight making it more difficult to obstruct and, in any case, easier to unconstruct.
Construction very robust and reliable.
By purchasing the semi-automatic dispenser separately, you can transform the OXALIKA PRO EASY model into the OXALIKA PRO FAST model.
The Oxalika Pro easy sublimator is also adaptable to 230 volt current by purchasing an adapter sold separately as an accessory


2 Items
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