Type: Biological trap for wasps and hornets

Use: Monitoring and capture of the Vespa velutina

Packaging: Bag of 1 piece.

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Bio Trap for Wasps and Bumblebees

TAP-TRAP® is a very simple but also very effective generic biotrap for the massive capture of flying pests.

Tap-Trap® uses a very common plastic bottle as a container of attractive substance (bait). The bottles will remain intact, there will be no need to cut or drill holes in them and they will no longer fill up with water during the rains, thus avoiding the risk of invalidating the effectiveness of the bait. TAP-TRAP® has an essential prerogative: to be versatile. The applicability to any plastic bottle allows a modest cost, a very wide use both in small and large agricultural realities: orchards, vineyards, olive groves, etc. .... Not to mention the breeding of animals (stables, pigsties, poultry houses, etc..) where it would contribute in a considerable way, nice and ecological not to proliferate of flies. For all farms the use is recommended only outdoors, then in the open air and possibly hanging from trees or in areas where there is vegetation). In civil use (country houses, farmhouses, campsites, etc. ..) is recommended as a defense against infestations of wasps and bumblebees, common flies, flies and gnats. Hang the bottles containing the appropriate bait, well in view of the perimeter of the houses and possibly hanging from trees or in the vicinity of vegetation, never too close to the living areas. (windows, doors, etc.). TAP-TRAP® allows you to recycle plastic bottles in an intelligent way and also helps to reduce the use of insecticides, which are unfortunately harmful not only to insects but also to plants.

For monitoring and trapping Vespa velutina:

Start monitoring in the spring, when the founding queens will be looking for a suitable place to nest.

Continue trapping until late summer.

How to bait a beer for the first price without adding sugar.

This could, in fact, also attract bees into the trap.

Empty the trap and change the beer at least every 10-15 days.

In case of discovery or presumed presence of Vespa velutina report to the following link


43 Items
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