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Polyvar is an acaricide product for the treatment of Varroa.

Specially studied and formulated for honeybees, Polyvar must be applied outside the hive.

In the standard Dadant Blatt hive, two strips are applied in front of the hive entrance, one next to the other, so as to cover the entire entrance.

Bees are thus forced to pass through the holes in the strip when they come into contact with flumethrin when they return from harvesting flights.

As a result, they transport the active ingredient into the nest and distribute it by contact with the other bees as well.

In order to promote the spread of the active ingredient, the Polyvar must be applied just after the last harvest, preferably with a minimum of nectar flow, so that the bees make numerous passages through the door and then through the strip.

The Polyvar support is specially designed to release the active ingredient without it evaporating due to the temperatures and the sun to which it is exposed.

Inside the package there is a liar with all instructions and warnings.

9 Items
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