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Vita Oxigen disinfectant for beekeeping material.

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For disinfection from all pathogens of the hive
(American and European plague, nosema ceranae, calcified brood, viruses linked to varroasis) of hives, combs and any type of beekeeping material.
Vita Oxygen is a powerful sporicidal disinfectant with a broad spectrum of activity based on the latest generation of pera-cetic acid, also used in a hospital and medical environment for sterilization.

* disinfectant with a broad spectrum of action: sporadic and non-spigenous bacteria, fungi and viruses)
* considerable speed of disinfection: contact time 30 minutes
*non-corrosive on materials

Modes of use
Preparation: dissolve Vita Oxygenin Warm water ( 20-30 ° ) at doses of 10 grams per litre for decontamination/disinfection or 20 grams per litre for high-level disinfection. Shake for 2/3 minutes until most of the powder has dissolved. Await the indicated activation time (15 minutes with 10 grams per litre and 30 minutes at 20 grams per litre) following the instructions provided on the label. A coarse manual cleaning is recommended to remove wax bridges or consistent formation of propolis. Let it come into contact with the solution for 30 minutes or more.

For the disinfection of the hives,of the frame wood or other material, prepare a suitable container and fill it with solution. Leave the material to soak. Alternatively, spray with the disinfectant and brush.

For the disinfection of combs - Immerse the combs in the disinfectant solution letting the alveoli fill up, leave them in contact with the disinfectant and then drain them by slamming them to empty the alveoli. 
As an alternative, the disinfectant can be sprayed directly onto the combs with the spray solution.
With the spray solution, spray the combs or material thoroughly. 
Manual application: can also be used for washing with a brush and solution.

Important Use concentrations and residence times in disinfection that are proportional to the quantity of organic material to be removed.The disinfection time must be understood as 30 minutes in the case of the presence of wax and propolis in superficial layers (from a few thousandths of a milli-metre to half a millimetre) as it can be the typical condition of the walls of the hive or of the crosspieces or uprights of the frames or of the surface of a pocket nutritor, etc...
No need for rinsing as the degradation products are water, oxygen and acetic acid. Dilute is not dangerous for the operator. Dilute is effective at its maximum potential for a period of 24 hours. Subsequently, the sterilization action decreases.

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