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Evaporator for Formic acid Bioletalvarroa

Useful in summer anti-varroa treatment

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Evaporator for Formic acid Bioletalvarroa

Useful in summer anti-varroa treatment

How to perform the treatment

1) Clean the central frames of wax and propolis residues, where the evaporator will be placed.
2) Put the hive "on the bubble"
3) The "BioLetalVarroa formic" evaporator delivers a minimum amount of formic acid (continuous release), sufficient to gradually break down the rising Varroa, and not; it is therefore recommended to do a treatment with sublimated oxalic acid (BioLetalVarroa sublimator recommended), to break down the maximum amount of Varroa out of brood and continue, 3-4 days later, with the treatment by means of "BioLetalVarroa formic".
4) Fill the dispenser with the quantity required for a single treatment of 25 days, equal to about 360g of 85% formic acid, through the two holes provided to house the sponges, positioning it vertically and then close it with the two caps provided in the package until it is placed in the hive.
5) If you check the Varroa fall, it is recommended not to clean the anti-varroa tray with a brush, but to work with a paddle or eventually wear the protective mask, to avoid inhalation of any residues of oxalic acid.
6) Place the dispenser over the frames in the middle of the family, removing the caps and inserting the two sponges in the holes provided, housing them vertically until they touch the bottom.
7) Close the hive with the upside-down cable cover if fitted with a 55mm frame. If not, add a frame of the same size and close the hive normally
8)To operate in excellent condition, it is necessary protect the hive with an insulator (recommended polystyrene s20-25mm), to avoid overheating induced by the sun, thus allowing the evaporator to operate exclusively with the natural temperature of the family of bees. 
9) For the treatment of the nuclei, the execution of the treatment is equivalent to that of the hives. However, it is recommended to close one of the two holes with the cap, thus inserting only a sponge for evaporation in the second hole.
10) If climatic conditions lead to excessive overheating, which cannot be reduced with the insulation, it is recommended to shorten the height of the sponges, checking that the daily evaporation does not exceed 14-18 g.
11) After treatment, the container can be emptied of residual acid, which can be reused for other treatments.

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