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Grid isolator exclude queen for hive Dadant Blatt

-Hive block isolator

-allow the queen to continue to lay but only on the honeycomb chosen for confinement

-avoid the "orphan family"


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Dadant Blatt hive grill isolator

This isolator is useful for combating varroa with oxalic acid treatment (Apibioxal).

Knowing that the reproductive cycle of the same occurs only within the cells with brood, it is necessary that the queen does not lay for at least 24 days, thus giving time to all the brood already present to flicker. Its employment consists in confining the queen bee on only one honeycomb, empty, ready for the deposition. The queen bee lays its eggs only on this honeycomb and the varroa will only be able to use these cells to reproduce.

When the brood of this caged honeycomb is operculated, also full of varroa, it is taken and destroyed in the washer, eliminating all the new generation of mites.

This cage of particular shape closes the chosen honeycomb, with the queen, against one of the two lateral walls of the hive, in a hermetic way, for which the circulation of the bees is guaranteed in all the hive, but is precluded to the queen. The surface on which the queen can move is sufficient to circulate her pheromone in the family and not to create the effect of an "orphan family".

Heaven can also continue to lay without having to block its reproductive apparatus.

At the end of the 24 days of confinement you have to treat with Apibioxal dripped.

You can find the Apibioxal by clicking on the link below


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