Kit for the production of royal jelly.

-Production equipment

Individual equipment


Gift bee seed supply

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Kit to produce royal jelly, everything you need for the production, extraction and packaging of royal jelly.


-n. 2 cue holder frame with nutritor

-n.72 fixing block A

-n.72 larva holder D

-Conf. of 250 pieces plastic cupolas

Individual equipment:

-Chinese bamboo pick-up

-Pen for royal jelly


-Pneumatic breathing apparatus 220v

-n. 160 round bottle 10g (1 heat-packed package)

-n. plastic royal jelly box

-n.160 polystyrene case complete with lid for packing royal jelly

-n.160 cardboard box for packaging royal jelly

As a gift with the purchase you will have seeds of nectar and pollen plants that will greed your bees!

You can sow them in pots on the balcony or directly in apiary and enjoy watching the bees while they are foraging.

10 Items
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