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This kit dedicated to a neophyte beekeeper includes all the basic material you need to start your beekeeping activity.


Individual equipment

-Arnaments and accessories

Apiculture illustrated manual

Honey bag of cloverleaf seeds

Conduction kit no.1 hives.

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Starting beekeeping from scratch is not that simple.

Bees are certainly not comparable to our pets and on the net you can find the most disparate suggestions and theories for the proper conduct of these nice hymenoptera that, although it seems rather strange and few people know it, are included in the list of farm animals.

There are many doubts about how to raise bees, which can be solved by reading some good manuals, attending a basic course in beekeeping, or simply by having a long chat with a beekeeper, but there is still a dilemma:

What is the point?

And where to buy?

We have therefore decided to make our experience in the field available to the beginner beekeeper and to propose a starting kit with everything you need to start leading a beehive...without missing anything!

Not having experience it can happen on the most beautiful apiary that something is missing and that something is needed immediately ... and not always the store is near home!

Or simply, you do not have time to go to the point of sale.

In short ... To put it in the manner of advertising we thought of a kit ... Bees in hand!.. Indeed ... Api n arnia!!!!!

The kit includes a practical illustrated beekeeping manual.

As a gift with the purchase of a bag of clover seeds on which you can observe your bees foraging when it blooms.

Bees are in fact fond of this sweet nectar from which you can also get excellent monoflower honey.





-Arnia portichetto 4C

(4C=assembled antlers consisting of: nest complete with frames with wax sheet mounted, cable cover, roof boxed in wood and sheet metal, complete with frames with wax sheet mounted).


Individual Equipment

American lever Inox

-Stainless steel smoker, 100-diameter long beak, with protection

-Nutritor Baravalle (for spring stimulation of the hatch/emergency nutrition)

-Eight-wayiscope on board 43,5x50

-Exclude plastic queen 43,5x50

Natural horsehair brush

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