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Proelix intimate detergent with snail drool and propolis.

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Proelix snail and propolis based detergent, excellent for an accurate daily intimate hygiene.

The intimate detergent is a necessary element in the care of personal hygiene. It is important to take special care in choosing a suitable product, which is not aggressive, too fragrant or exaggeratedly antiseptic, in order to avoid the onset of annoying intimate problems. It is important that the product has an adequate PH level, not higher than 5.5 because an altered PH level can damage the delicate bacterial flora favouring the growth of yeast or fungal infections. The use of an intimate, reliable, natural and alcohol-free detergent is highly recommended. Our detergent is extremely delicate, very fine and natural in its composition, which contains Snail drool and propolis with a soothing, regenerating and rebalancing action. It does not contain aggressive perfumes, dyes or allergenic components and can also be used by those subject to irritation and redness. It is recommended to use a small amount of product, preferably diluted in lukewarm water, rinsing for about 45 seconds, repeating if necessary, but rinsing afterwards, always with plenty of lukewarm water.

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