Type: Acacia unifloral honey

Production: Piedmont (ITALY) - Vauda Canavese Hill

Brand: Borgo Bianchi 1786

Packaging: Glass jar

  • 250 g

  • 410 g

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Cf. da 15 sacchetti da 1 kg: Vaso da 250 g
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Acacia or Robinia Pseudoacacia is the definition linked to a well-known and loved honey for its sweetness and delicacy.

Its main feature is that it remains liquid and does not alter the flowers of the food and drinks it is combined with.

Organoleptic characteristics

  • Robinia honey maintains its liquid state and its proverbial transparent even if a small opacity and consequent lack of transparency can, in unfavorable years, negatively characterize the product due to the presence of nectar of some other botanical species frequented by bees in the absence of sufficient flowering of acacia. However, even some visual defects can be tolerated in seasons that now annually observe different production problems.

  • The color is always very light, from almost colorless to pale yellow.

Olfactory characteristics :

  • fine floral, generic honey, new wax, slightly fruity, paper, acacia flowers ...

  • The flavor is decidedly sweet, with very slight acidity. The aroma is very delicate, not very persistent and without aftertaste.

  • The aroma : vanilla, sugared almonds, peeled sweet almonds, cooked pear.

  • The consistency is generally medium.

70 Items
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