Type: queen incubator

Power supply: electric

Cell capacity: 300

cabin in melamine-faced chipboard panels th. 20mm (or optionally in insulated steel panels with polystyrene cavity);
- forced ventilation with the new greentech ec technology electronic fan motor;</span>
- internal lighting;
- thermometer in °C for internal temperature control;
- humidification with supplied tray;
- any internal support structures can be evaluated and adapted to the actual use that is assigned to us by the user of the machine according to specific needs.

Technical features
Electrical Power Supply V/Hz 220/240~ / 50-60
Total Absorption Watt. 120
Size mm 520x620x555H
Weight Kg 28
Internal useful dimensions mm 460X380X415H
Queen bee cell capacity no. 300
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The incubators of the range BEEKEEPING present high versatility, a single machine for 3 modes of use:

- the incubation of queen bees
- l 'drying of pollen (optional mesh shelves)
- liquefaction of honey (optional shelves)

To the traditional function of bee incubation queens, the possibility of drying the pollen before packaging is added by equipping the incubator with specific shelves equipped with micro mesh for food use.

Another interesting function is the liquefaction of honey crystallized, the temperature is brought to 40°C and the glass jars or buckets are inserted into the incubator for one or more days depending on the quantity to be liquefied.
Crystallization is a natural process and a good sign of quality of the product, honey maintains its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics and is a process that occurs naturally when it is stored at ambient temperatures below 14-15°C.

Description of multifunction MINILED control unit:
A qualitative thermostat Decimal precision MINILED allows easy and precise adjustment of various parameters:

• View and temperature control with 3-digit display
• Humidity display + possible control via connection to an external ultrasonic nebulizer available as an additional option
• °C/°F conversion
• Choice of PID temperature control mode /ON-OFF
• Possibility of digital calibration of temperature and humidity sensors
• Double temperature and um sensor


The sensors which detect the humidity and temperature inside the machine are totally separate and disjointed in order to achieve maximum precision and reliability of the reading.

Optional :
- humidity reading with wet bulb hygrometer;

- pre-painted steel shelves;< /p>

Using the Queen Incubator

Turn on the incubator one day before use to check the exact recording of the operating temperature.
Place the supplied tray filled with water on the bottom in order to create the necessary humidity.
Actuate the digital temperature regulation thermostat if necessary (33.3°C corresponding to 92°F).
The decimal digital thermostat regulates the operation of the resistance while the fan remains constantly in motion.
Obviously introduce the cell after the operculation (9th day ).
For best results, it is advisable to follow the methods of use of the queen game for development up to one day before emergence and for the birth of the queen directly in the incubator with subsequent acceptance of the queen born in using our special accessory.

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