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Material: Coupled cardboard - Plastic details

Use: Swarm Collection - Core Expedition

Shipping: Drawer assembled 

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In the traditional choice of materials to be used in beekeeping, laminated cardboard is of little interest, the typical material with which packaging boxes for shipping goods are produced.

This solution can be useful for the sudden and unscheduled collection of a swarm but also to collect the same when it is in a position where the use of a plywood shovel would be too heavy and a polystyrene one too expensive if the operation fails or if the structure is damaged.

The price is really interesting given the measures used in the design of this drawer.

It has a bottom with an opening equipped with a mesh and a lid fully ventilated by a mesh equal to that of the plastic bottom. The round door can be closed with a demijohn cap (not supplied). The frames can be comfortably housed on the cardboard rack.

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