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Material: wood, mesh, galvanized sheet

Use: spare part for hive


  • Cube hive D.B. from 10 t. - 43.5x52.5 cm

  • Arnia Portichetto D.B. from 10 t. - 43.5x58 cm

  • 6 t hive D.B. - 28.5X52.5 cm

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  • Per arnia cubo da 10 t.
  • Per arnia portichetto da 10 t.
  • Per arnia da 6 t.

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Component of the hive made of fir wood. It consists of a wooden frame on which is nailed a special rhomboidal mesh net (span 3x3 mm.) and a sheet metal drawer, removable.

It is already pre-drilled to allow installation with screws.

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