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Typology: D.B. frame from inserted super

Material: Lime wood - galvanized wire

Armature: Galvanized wire stretched optimally and slightly diagonally

Particularities: Grooving on the honeycomb holder and under the base.

Packaging: Regettato pack of 10 frames

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Frame entirely built in seasoned LIME wood, EXTRA WORKMANSHIP: assembled with attention to detail and workmanship, double groove on the honeycomb holder and on the bottom where the iron wire is housed, very taut and slightly inclined galvanized wire to facilitate the insertion of the wax sheet and support it in the best way.

The beekeeping frame represents the main tool used by beekeepers to be able to grow their families in an orderly manner.

Using the mobile frame, in fact, you can extract the honeycombs from the super and easily check the import of nectar.

The application of fogli waxi in pure beeswax will simplify and speed up the processing of the honeycomb by the bees.

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