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Available in three sizes:

-28X50 cm (6-frame hive)

-43x50 cm (hive 10 frames)

-50x50 cm (12-frame hive)

-Metal recoiler

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  • Per arnia da 10 t cm.43x50
  • Per Arnia da 6T. 28x50
  • Per arnia da 12 t cm.50x50

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This accessory allows you to free the supers from the bees when it comes to honey extraction.

Place the tablet between the nest and the supers, taking care to turn the hole in the masonite towards the supers and recover the supers after 24 hours.

The metal recliner allows, once opened, the free flow of bees to the supers if you want to have the honeycombs cleaned by bees after honey extraction.

We recommend positioning the bee escape in the late evening or early morning.

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