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Available in 3 size

for 6 frame hive 28x50

for 10 frame hive 43x50cm

for 12 frame hive 50x50cm

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  • Per arnia da 10 t cm.43x50
  • Per Arnia da 6T. 28x50
  • Per arnia da 12 t cm.50x50

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Element used to prevent the queen from depositing in the supers.

Frapport it between nest and supers when laying the first supers.

The metal queen excluder guarantees long life and the possibility to clean it with a scraper to remove at best the constructions of wax and propolis that bees make during the summer season and the laying of the supers.

The metal also gives the possibility to flame the excludi regina so as to disinfect it make it healthier.

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