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Motorized honey extractor with 9 Dadant super frames

New at home Allows you to combine it with the Radialnove "TOP" model with variable speed motor on the upper bar and new electric lid release!

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Motorisation on the top bar with the new "TOP" model with variable speed and electric lid release

Motorized honey extractor with 9 Dadant super frames


-diameter 520 mm

-Tin height 572 mm

-total height

-Food-grade plastic tap

-Total emptying

Variable speed

-cover with electric lock

The honey extractor is of fundamental importance for the beekeeper:

is in fact the tool needed to extract honey from honeycombs.

The motorised Radialnove model allows the beekeeper to optimise extraction times and make less effort.

The curved legs make it stable and elegant, its bottom, welded to TIG has a particular shape that allows the total emptying through a convenient plastic cut tap for food.


The new "TOP" engine has very similar dimensions to the previous ELOBA model but the functionality is very different.

These are the features that make it winning :

It's an induction motor and not a brush, so it's absolutely silent

It is equipped with a robust mechanical gearbox

Intuitive and simple control panel:

the control panel has 1 toggle selector for the direction of rotation and 1 knob for speed adjustment, adjustable from 0 to 400 RPM

-Power 180W engine with 220V power supply

-Mechanical improvements: in honey extractors equipped with this type of motor, the vertical shaft of the cage is supported by ball bearings both on the bottom and on the upper bar.

-Internal lid opening device:

from now on, the lid lock security device allows the lid to be opened instantly, without having to wait 40 seconds before unlocking.

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