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Arnia Dadant Blatt Cube In assembly kit...

2K=Nido, cable cover, super, roof.

Measures ARNIA 10T:

Esternecm 43.5x50

Internal 38 cm.5x45

Measures ARNIA 12T:

Outer cm 50x50

Inner cm 45x45

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  • Arnia x 10 t (cm 43,5x50)
  • Arnia x 12 t (cm 50x50)

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Beekeeping beehive model Rubik pipe mounted consisting of nest, cable cover, roof and super (2C)

Dadant Blatt rational beekeeping beehive with standard sizes.

The cube model is suitable for the practice of nomadism due to the smaller size of the hive on the means of transport compared to the model porch.

Our hives are made of fir wood with walls 2.5 cm thick to allow ideal insulation during the winter months.

We must always pay close attention to the wood with which the hives are built and to the thickness of the walls:

On the market there are indeed products at a lower price, but they are often made with wood less suitable for the weather and with lower thicknesses that do not guarantee the glomere an ideal insulation from cold and humidity in the winter months.

The 2C model consists of:

-Construction nest complete with hardware (handles, door, spacers, varroa net and metal drawer)

-Cable cover

-Melery complete with hardware (spacers)

-Roof made of galvanized sheet metal, thickness 6/10

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