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Italian acacia honey.

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The main characteristic of this type of honey lies in its high fructose content, which is the basis of its almost no tendency to crystallize and its high sweetening power combined with its delicate flavour, which is why it is the most suitable honey for replacing sugar in the preparation of cakes and drinks.

From the point of view of its composition, it is also characterised by its low content of mineral salts, enzymes and acidity.

Organoleptic characteristics
Robinia honey is generally liquid;
may eventually appear cloudy due to the formation of crystals, but never reach complete crystallisation.
The colour is always very clear, from almost colourless to straw-coloured.

Olfactory characteristics: fine floral, generic of honey, of new wax, slightly fruity, of paper, of flowers of robinia...
The taste is decidedly sweet, with very slight acidity. The aroma is very delicate, not very persistent and without an aftertaste.
The aroma: vanilla, candied, peeled sweet almond, cooked pear.
The consistency varies according to the water content.