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Nuclei of selected bees of the Ligustic breed. EXCLUSIVELY DELIVERY IN SEAT

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The selected, ligustic strain artificial cores can be purchased from April and are ready for the production of acacia honey. 


The formation of the nuclei between the end of July and the beginning of August allows you to increase the consistency of your apiary or replace any losses in winter.

A core formed in summer and bought the following spring is a guarantee of a well-developed and cohesive family, where you will have at least three central frames of brood and two side walls of stocks.

The queen will have the chest marked with the color of the year before the purchase.

To form quality nuclei are selected from the strongest hives hatching frames covered with young nurse bees that will provide for the need of the rising offspring and if they are not enough you can shake inside the drawer carrying young bees from other combs.

The best queens to insert in the nuclei are those that have a regular and abundant deposition in the honeycomb and that generate workers with good instinct of cleanliness as well as resistance to varroa.

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