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S SSL server: Our site uses an SSL encrypted server. All information that passes through it (personal data, etc.) is protected and obscured.

Credit Card: thanks to the innovative PayPal payment technology integrated in the order page, you can use your Credit Card in an even simpler, immediate and secure way: just fill in the required fields (credit card type, number and expiry date) and confirm the payment. You will immediately see the result of the operation, without ever leaving the order page. The PayPal Virtual POS guarantees data security with SSL mode based on 128-bit encryption and is available for Visa, Mastercard, Postepay, American Express credit cards and all the cards of the Visa and Mastercard group.

PayPal: with this same payment system you can use, if you have it, your PayPal ID, both with PayPal Standard secure transaction and with iFrame technology inside the checkout page, following the usual procedure used by millions of users worldwide. Additional cost: € 0.35 + 3.5%.

Consign: you can pay directly in cash, to the Express Courier upon delivery. Cash on delivery payment includes a surcharge of 3%, as an additional charge for the management of the collection. It is advisable to provide the exact amount to be paid to the delivery person, as it is rarely possible to have the rest accurate. For cash on delivery payments, it is not possible to ship to a destination other than that of the customer who placed the order. You should also always report a landline phone number to ensure availability. Attention: if you make the payment on delivery, any invoice required for the order will be issued and will be available only at the time of the actual accounting of the amount due.

Bank Order: you will be provided with all the necessary instructions in the final stage of your order. Payment by previous bank transfer requires that the order is processed once the payment transfer is received, and therefore on the date of the value date in the current account.

To anticipate shipping times you can send the account of the transfer made (screenshot from PC or mobile phone) to the e-mail address

Uncommitted bank transfer orders that are not paid for within five working days of receipt will be automatically cancelled. Please note: if you make payment by bank transfer, any invoice required for the order will be issued and will be available only at the time of the actual crediting of the amount due to the current account.