Complementary feed for bees 40g / 500g / 1000g bag

It can help in the prevention of Nosema and is useful as a support to families after anti varroa treatments

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Based on plant extracts, essential oils, B vitamins

WHEN TO USE: spring (February-March) autumn (August-September). APIHERB helps families debilitated by anti Varroa treatments and prepares them for a better wintering. Stimulating the intestinal function of bees, it favors a better elimination of Nosema spores that may be present in the intestine.

METHOD OF USE: dissolve 40 g of Apiherb in 500 ml of sugar syrup (water and sugar ratio 1: 1) Repeat 3 times on a weekly basis

  • 5 cc of solution dropped on each frame covered with bees.

14 Items
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