Type: Complementary feed based on maltodextrin, yeast extract and vitamins

Period of use: SPRING - AUTUMN

PACKAGING: 20g bag - Box of 10 bags

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Suspend 20g of product (all the contents of the single single-dose sachet) in 1 liter of water. This solution is sufficient for the treatment (1 time) of 20 hives. Administer 50 ml of the solution thus obtained for each hive, dripping it between the combs. The product can also be administered sprayed on adults and honeycombs; in this case it is recommended to suspend it in about 4 liters of water, by spraying each hive with 200 ml of the preparation. Repeat the administration at least three times weekly, in the spring or before wintering. After suspension in water, the product must be kept in a cool place for no more than 12 hours.


  • Increase the performance of the hive

  • Strengthens the family for wintering and spring development

  • Improves the compactness of the brood

  • WHEN TO USE: spring (February / March) autumn (August / Septe

10 Items
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