Apimell 2019, international beekeeping market exhibition

Published : 2019-02-12 17:08:50
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Apimell 2019

It will be held from the 1st to the 3rd of March in Piacenza, in the exhibition area of Piacenza Expo in the hamlet of Le Mose, the most awaited apiculture event in Italy;

Apimell is the market exhibition par excellence of beekeeping material in our country and for years has been the meeting point between beekeepers, traders and wholesalers in the sector.

a stand of exhibitors in Apimel- Stalè beekeeping material

This year reaches its 36th edition and hosts hundreds of exhibitors and producers not only from Italy but from all over Europe and even from Asia: here you can find beekeeping, associations, producers of beekeeping material.

Other two events take place at the same time in the exhibition halls of the Mose:

Buon vivere Apimell 2019

You can enjoy great food and take a break from your shopping for the upcoming bee season thanks to the presence of "Good to live" food and wine event that will make you enjoy the regional specialties of the peninsula.

information on Good Living Official Website

Seminat Apimell 2019 Stalè beekeeping material

Beekeeping often rhymes with plants and the environment, and here is thatSeminat could make you find plants interesting for your bees, or certainly make it less stressful and boring for your wives waiting for the end of your purchases as a beekeeper!

information on Seminat, official website

In short, in Apimell there is something beautiful and good ... for the whole family!

information on Apimell, official website

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