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Type: Complementary feed

Format: 1 l bottle - 5 l tank

Period of use: Spring - Autumn

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  • Flacone 1 l
  • Tanica 5 l

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This specific feed, free of fat-soluble vitamins and vitamin B12, guarantees high product stability. It is a liquid solution rich in water-soluble vitamins, amino acids in the left-handed form, highly digestible.

Use is recommended in cases of family stress, increased production rates, and in cases of endemic weakening.

Use 5 ml of product diluted in a liter of sugar solution to be dispensed into the feeder (we recommend the use of pocket feeders)

Strengths and usefulness:

  • useful in the preparation of nuclei

  • useful for increasing the production parameters of families

  • useful for stimulating oviposition and brood development

  • It can be an excellent substitute for pollen in periods of lack of supply of the same and to increase protein and vitamin reserves before wintering

  • Improve the productivity of the hive

  • It favors the early development of the brood, increasing the productive capacity of the hive in terms of an increased number of the population and consequent greater harvest

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