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Complementary feed based on essential oils,

It can help in case of calcified brood.

1 lt bottle

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The 1 liter bottle is sufficient to carry out the treatment at 16 hives. Micostop is an aqueous solution that can be integrated into the normal liquid sugar feed as an emergency protein support when families are weakened and with poor development, problems that can easily refer to the calcified brood. The product is particularly palatable and assimilable by bees. WHEN TO USE MICOSTOP: February / March before laying the supers at the end of summer in the absence of a sup. METHOD OF USE 10 ml of Micostop in 500 ml of sugar syrup directly in the feeder, once a week for 3 weeks. cool and dry place. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: it is advisable to dilute 20 ml of product in 500 ml of syrup and administer the preparation inside feeders placed over the cable cover. Nutrition will be administered for 3 weeks on a weekly basis.

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